Live-in Volunteer Organiser

Location: This voluntary role can be based in any of the areas where Dot Dot Dot has properties. We especially welcome your application if you are willing to base yourself in High Wycombe and Marlow. More locations will become available, linked to Dot Dot Dot’s expansion.

Volunteering pattern:  Flexible

Time-frame: This is an ongoing voluntary role.


About us

Dot Dot Dot is a social enterprise that houses people who do great volunteering in buildings that would otherwise be empty, helping landlords and strengthening communities. In 2014 our property guardians gave some 20,000 hours of volunteering time to charities and good causes.

Property guardians are people who occupy flats, homes (and sometimes commercial buildings) to take care of these spaces whilst they would otherwise be empty, by living in them as they would a normal home.

Dot Dot Dot is looking for socially-minded, organised and confident individuals to volunteer some of their time, energy and skills as a Live-in Volunteer Organiser.

This voluntary role will help the people we house as property guardians to make the most impact that they can through their voluntary work, by supporting them to find roles which suit them, encouraging them to put in as much time and effort as they can, and bringing them together into a mutually-supportive community.

By joining our scheme, you will receive very low cost – and in some cases free – housing as a property guardian.

The Role

In this voluntary role, you will be helping support the establishment and management of new communities of property guardians, ensuring that Dot Dot Dot not only creates good quality temporary housing but also maximises the positive impact on these communities through the volunteering that Dot Dot Dot’s property guardians undertake.

Although tasks will vary depending on where you are based and the needs of the community, some examples of what we envisage you supporting through your volunteering will include:

  • Identifying local volunteering opportunities
  • Supporting the property guardians in your community to do enjoyable and worthwhile volunteering
  • Supporting local recruitment activity of suitable property guardians
  • Co-ordinating building and repairs issues from time to time
  • Helping to measure and record social impact in your area

The logistics

Location: Various across Greater London and the South East. We especially welcome your application if you are willing to base yourself in High Wycombe and Marlow. More locations will become available, linked to Dot Dot Dot’s expansion.

Time Commitment: We expect the role will take up the equivalent of about half a day a week. You will be able to work in a paid job role for another organisation or as a freelancer whilst undertaking this role.

Rewards: This is a voluntary role, but it can come with low cost (and in some cases free) associated accommodation as a property guardian.

Duration: Rolling duration, a month’s notice either way. A volunteer agreement will cover the role you undertake for Dot Dot Dot, whilst a Licence Agreement will cover the terms of your occupation of a bedroom or flat.

Property Guardianship: As well as supporting property guardians in your area, you will also act as a property guardian for your own accommodation. This means you will have a responsibility to look after your home and live by the same rules as all of our property guardians.


  • Very low-cost or free accommodation as a property guardian in the area you are supporting
  • Support, training and motivation from Dot Dot Dot staff
  • Access to a Dot Dot Dot mentor
  • The opportunity to develop skills and to make an impact
  • A reference after six months
  • The ability to organise your own time and tasks
  • Exposure to our brilliant network of guardians and like-minded organisations

This role will suit someone who:

  • wants to help an award-winning social enterprise expand into new areas – Dot Dot Dot is growing, and as we grow we need people who are willing to help us expand what we do into new areas and new communities, to help house more great property guardians and to help increase our social impact
  • is seeking experience in community development or volunteer management, or already has experience in those areas – this voluntary role will be a practical way to develop or use these skills and to help bring about positive change in an area,
  • is willing to volunteer with limited supervision but with the benefit of remotely-provided support from the Dot Dot Dot staff team – often these roles will help Dot Dot Dot establish its operations in new, unfamiliar areas. Communities living nearby may not initially know what we offer, or how our presence can help
  • is comfortable with flexible timeframes – it’s the nature of our work that we often do not know when we arrive in an area how long we will be working there for. Sometimes we need to try to be effective whilst staying nimble. That said, often we are working in areas that are undergoing large scale transformation or regeneration, which can often take many years
  • is resourceful and resilient – whilst all of the buildings that we manage are safe and maintained, some are old and at the end of their useful life, so unexpected issues can occasionally crop up. And whilst our property guardian selection process is amongst the best in the business, sometimes property guardians will need extra management or support. As the local point of contact, we’ll be looking to you to progress any operational issues with us.

How to apply

We’d be delighted to answer any questions you have. Call us on 020 3005 2457 or email

When you are ready to apply, start with our quiz for potential property guardians. When asked to do so please enter the following code: 72904

There is no deadline, and we are always happy to receive your application if you would like to pursue this opportunity.

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