10 years of great partnerships

Dot Dot Dot…10 years and counting

Our chief executive, Peter Brown, reflects on what he’s learnt after moving from a housing association to work for a social enterprise.



Looking back: Five lessons from five years of leading Dot Dot Dot

Outgoing CEO, Peter Brown, reflects on the importance of relationships, patience and creating positive social impact.



From Brutalist to Georgian: 10 architecturally iconic projects

We have partnered with some great clients and organisations over the past 10 years; they are at the heart of what we do. But so, too, are the incredible buildings and projects we have worked on and housed guardians in. From brutalist towers to Georgian townhouses, we take a look at some of our favourite architecturally iconic projects from the last 10 years.


Then and now: 10 years of property guardianship

Dot Dot Dot founder Katharine Hibbert looks back at the industry she walked into in 2011 and how it’s developed over a decade.


Then and now: our first partnership with Poplar HARCA

We spoke to Andrea Baker, Poplar HARCA‘s Director of Housing and Corporate Services, about how our partnership has strengthened and changed over the years, and how our guardians have provided a reassuring presence during the regeneration process.


Doing the right thing at Dot Dot Dot

Our first decision-making principle has always been to act fairly and with integrity; it forms the foundation from which Katharine built Dot Dot Dot 10 years ago. As we reflect on the last decade, we explore what being an ethical business means to us.


Property guardianship and beyond

We started working with London Borough of Croydon in 2017, when we took on a former school-turned-NHS building in west Croydon. Looking back over our four-year relationship, we explore how a renewed sense of purpose during a property’s transition phase can lay the groundwork for its new use.


What “doing our best work” means in practice

Our 10th anniversary has provided a welcome opportunity to reflect on all of the projects we have set up, the areas where we’ve worked, the people we’ve housed and the hundreds of thousands of hours of volunteering that our model has supported. We look back at what “doing our best work” means in practice.


Then and now: our partnership with Red Kite

We caught up with Richard Mulcahy from Red Kite to talk about how working with Dot Dot Dot has enabled them to keep projects running on time and afforded them the flexibility to work around some of the challenges posed by Covid-19.

On the Dot Dot Dot bookshelf

At Dot Dot Dot we make no apologies for being geeks. We think hard about housing, about social impact, and about how to be a successful business which makes a useful contribution to both spheres.  Much of that thinking has come from our hands-on experience of housing almost 2,000 property guardians, but just as important is what we’ve learned from books. Discover founder Katharine’s top 10 things to read to understand the business we are today.