10 years of Dot Dot Dot

Ten years ago, in June 2011,  our founder, Katharine Hibbert, registered Dot Dot Dot with Companies House and her idea for property guardianship with purpose came to fruition. Since then, we’ve been able to house over 1,500 people all over England, in properties that would otherwise sit empty.

To celebrate a decade of being an award-winning social enterprise, we’re telling the stories of our guardians, property owners, the voluntary organisations our guardians give their time to, and the Dot Dot Dot team.

We’ve also measured our social impact over the past 10 years and are proud to say that we can value this impact at £4.3 million.

A good deal of the volunteering our guardians do happens because they are kind people who want to make a difference, and would do so whether or not they were housed by Dot Dot Dot.

However, we dug into the numbers and worked out that £1.8m of the value of the time guardians have given to charity is directly due to our efforts.

That’s £1.8m contributed to the charitable sector that wouldn’t exist without Dot Dot Dot and its guardians.

Here’s to the next ten years.