A good old sing along!

Guardian Lucia volunteers at Mind Yourself, a charity dedicated to improving the well-being of the Irish community in London. She leads the Mind Yourself signing group, who, last month celebrated St Patrick’s Day by welcoming guests to a sing along.

Lucia told us a bit about the day…

Mind Yourself Paddy's Day (1) cropped

Lucia and the Mind Yourself singing group leading the St Patrick’s Day sing along

“It was a heart warming event with some excellent singing and good cheer, and it was great to have a platform for us to perform the songs we sing at our weekly meetings.  In my experience, singing in a group allows communication on a different – and perhaps less confrontational – level than is reached through speech, as well as the feel-good effect it generates. We often leave the session feeling both relaxed and energized (or at least that’s what I hope for!). It is for these reasons that I feel singing to be so important, socially as well as personally, and thus why our St. Patrick’s sing along filled me with such warmth.

The best bits about my voluntary role leading the Mind Yourself signing group are the times we enter into a state of togetherness whilst singing in our weekly sessions, all listening to and looking at each other, these moments fill me with a deep content and happiness.

At the St Patrick’s Day celebration our singing group performed some lovely Irish songs. Have a  listen to our rendition of the famous ‘Wild Rover’ below!




You can find out more about Mind Yourself at www.mind-yourself.co.uk