A housing solution where everyone wins

At Dot Dot Dot Property, we believe in win-win-wins. That’s not necessarily a common world-view, especially when it comes to housing. Many instances point to a losing game: people priced out of the life that they want, expensive security solutions for vacant properties, empty buildings that gradually diminish the liveliness of neighborhoods…

But we’re all about doing things in a different, better way, and we think our approach to property guardianship benefits everyone involved. Everyone means the people we house, the properties they secure, and the communities in which they live and volunteer.

You don’t have to take our word for it; we’ve been asking the property owners we work with, the guardians we house, and the charitable organisations they support, to share their experience of using Dot Dot Dot – so you can see for yourself that win-win-wins aren’t just a pipe dream.

Curious to find out more? Head over here if you are interested in becoming a property guardian. And look at this page if you are a property owner with an empty building on your hands.