10 May 2019 | Volunteering | Back to Blog

An evening with St Mungo’s

Last week, St Mungo’s hosted an information session with Dot Dot Dot guardians, where they shared the shocking facts on homelessness and how volunteers can get involved to play a crucial role in ending homelessness.

As a social enterprise, we care about creating social value through the way we work. Supporting all our guardians to volunteer is one of the ways we do this. Connecting local charities and Dot Dot Dot guardians is a great way of bringing guardians together to get to know each other, whilst learning about valuable volunteering opportunities in the area.

Peter from St. Mungos was on hand to give Dot Dot Dot guardians an introduction to St Mungo’s and homelessness, including how St Mungo’s began 50 years ago and some eye-opening statistics on rough sleeping. Peter took the guardians through the volunteer journey, from applications to recruitment sessions and core training and how St Mungo’s supports volunteers every step of the way. Find out more out their volunteering roles here.

We have lots of resources to make the volunteering process as easy as possible for Dot Dot Dot guardians. We share regular blogs linking to opportunities and showcasing guardians’ volunteering, we send out monthly volunteering newsletters, and we’ve also put together a handy volunteering guide.

Find out more about how volunteering and Dot Dot Dot guardianship goes together.