Another green spot

The worms were out in force and so were we!

This Saturday, with some help from our friends at the Poplar Pick Up Party, who very kindly cleared away the litter before we arrived, a group of us set about bringing some of the unused flower beds at Robin Hood Gardens back into use.

In true British form, it started raining exactly as we arrived and stopped just as we left. That wasn’t going to stop us though. Wielding our new tools (thank you Capital Clean-Up) we set to work.

Here are some of the worlds worst photos documenting our attack on some of the weeds that have taken over these flower beds.


Lets get started..


Hooray for worms!


This one had grown roots to Australia


Putting in a penny for good luck




And were done!

We have planted lots of bulbs, so fingers crossed for some lovely flowers in the spring!