5 September 2023 | The Dot Dot Dot story

Three questions would-be social entrepreneurs should ask

Looking to establish your own social enterprise? Here are Dot Dot Dot founder, Katharine Hibbert’s, top three questions to ask yourself to ensure you’re on the right path to sustainability in the long-term – while enjoying the ride along the way.

15 August 2023 | Property management

Ensuring safety around asbestos

Our mission is to get people housed, which sometimes means not shying away from problems that might make other property managers wince. As Asbestos is present in a majority of buildings built between the 1950s and the 1980s, having a robust and proactive approach to its management is key to maximising the number of guardians we can house and the number of property owners we can help. 

29 June 2023 | Property management

Raising the bar for property maintenance and repairs

When we talk about our mission to get people housed, we don’t just mean the provision of an affordable home. We believe that for individuals to thrive, their home needs to feel safe and looked after.

28 June 2023 | News and features

Social enterprise – a Cambridge conversation

Dot Dot Dot founder, Katharine Hibbert, recently took part in a Cambridge University panel discussion on the importance of social entrepreneurship in solving some of the urgent problems facing us today. The panel discuss the growth in interest in social enterprises, their influence on society and the economy, and their advice to those who have ambitions to embark on their own social venture.

Housing sector trends and predictions – what to expect in the latter half of 2023

Having emerged from the COVID pandemic as well as a politically charged and economically challenging 2022, the focus for those in the housing sector during the first quarter of 2023 has been on change and innovation. With a push from the government to ensure housing safety; increases in building materials; regulatory changes and an ever-growing need to create social value, property owners need to look for ways to save time, money and energy. In this article, we take an in-depth look at the housing trends and issues that will define the latter half of 2023.

How addressing the housing crisis helps everyone – not just renters

Dot Dot Dot Founder, Katharine Hibbert, examines how her motivations behind launching Dot Dot Dot in 2011 shape up 12 years on in a country still plagued by housing shortages and soaring costs. After over a decade of housing thousands at less than 66% of local market rents, Katharine argues that Dot Dot Dot’s work can only ever be part of the solution on the way to a much needed strategy to build the right homes, in the right places at prices local residents can afford.

14 December 2022 | The Dot Dot Dot story

Reflections on five months as Dot Dot Dot’s Chief Executive

This month we have welcomed our Chief Executive, Mark Ackroyd, back from five months of parental leave.  In his absence, I covered his role alongside my usual responsibilities as Dot Dot Dot’s Executive Chair, bringing me closer to the nitty-gritty of our work. Here are my reflections on five months in the driving seat.

Our long-term meanwhile project with Peabody in Thamesmead

Since 2015, Dot Dot Dot have collaborated with Peabody during their 10-year regeneration project by securing 120 flats in Thamesmead with socially-minded property guardians. Throughout this partnership, we have endeavoured to explore how we can best benefit the Thamesmead community. As we ask each of our guardians to volunteer 16 hours of their time a month to a good cause, we have an invaluable resource that can be directed to local community projects.

6 October 2022 | Guardian stories

Starting a new career is easier with low-cost housing

Guardianship for graduates In 2022, the average graduate salary comes in at just over £24,000 a year, equating to around £1,670 a month take home pay. Then, consider the private rental sector, where the average cost of a double room in London is £815pcm and a 1-bed flat ranges from £1,526-£1,759. As a graduate, you… Read More

29 September 2022 | Property management

Dot Dot Dot’s approach to pricing the homes we offer

At Dot Dot Dot, our purpose is to provide well-managed, inexpensive homes to people who want to volunteer for good causes.  So setting the prices our residents pay for their housing is crucial to our social impact model as well as our business model, and we think about it carefully.  

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