12 March 2021 | The Dot Dot Dot story

When is a social enterprise like a submarine?

Think being a social enterprise can’t possibly have anything to do with submarines? Think again. Our founder, Katharine Hibbert, explores the parallels between our decision-making process and that of sailors operating 500m underwater.

26 February 2021 | Guardian stories, Volunteering

Life as a Dot Dot Dot guardian: Mahmoud, Oxford

Our Oxford guardian, Mahmoud, explores how he has been volunteering to support his community by offering free meals to people who’ve suffered financially due to the pandemic

29 January 2021 | Guardian stories

Life as a Dot Dot Dot property guardian: Tom, east London

Dot Dot Dot guardian, Tom, explores how guardianship has given him the freedom to pursue his goals, develop skills he didn’t know he had and live in an area of London he loves.

Be the change – how Dot Dot Dot’s model helps people going through transitions

Change is always hard, whether it’s change you chose yourself or change you didn’t want but have to deal with anyway. One of the main ways that we help guardians through periods of transition is by providing well-managed homes, costing a fraction of local market rents. Here, our Founder Katharine Hibbert, explores what this has meant for our current guardians, and how our model has helped them to progress and succeed in their goals.

15 January 2021 | News and features

The law has spoken – property guardianship and business rates

Until recently, the situation on business rates for buildings lived in by property guardians was clear – the buildings were exempt from the business rates which would normally be due on empty buildings, and liable for Council Tax instead.  The conclusion last month of a long-running court case has changed that.  This blog by our Founder Katharine Hibbert, explains the situation now, and gives Dot Dot Dot’s response.

18 December 2020 | Guardian stories

Spotlight on: Tom – what it’s like to volunteer for Samaritans

“Volunteering for Samaritans is extremely rewarding. You sense you’ve made a difference at the most basic level – you have been there for someone.” Dot Dot Dot guardian, Tom, tells of his experience of volunteering with Samaritans.

Volunteering: Once you pop, you can’t stop

Our founder, Katharine, delves into the inspiring results of our recent guardian survey to find out more about how volunteering has impacted their lives, and how they will continue to volunteer for good causes once their guardianship ends.

Lockdown 2: Business as Usual

As we all find our way through a second lockdown, understanding what it means for us personally as well as professionally. Read our Chief Executive, Peter Brown’s reflections about what we have learned as a business and how we are continuing to respond during Covid-19. 

How working with Dot Dot Dot is helping This Land meet their CSR objectives

We are currently in partnership with This Land, a property developer in Cambridgeshire and the wider Innovation Corridor (connecting London to Cambridge). Read more on how we are working diligently with This Land to amplify and maximise the impact of our existing guardians and their volunteering.

13 November 2020 | News and features

A licence to ask taxing questions

Our response to the case between London Borough of Southwark and the owners of Ludgate House. We investigate two key insights that property owners should take on board when considering guardianship schemes.

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