4 February 2016 | The Dot Dot Dot story

Our commitment to cheap, cheerful housing

Britain has a housing shortage. Getting empty buildings into use helps. So it’s good to see property guardianship gaining recognition as part of the housing landscape, forming the background to Channel 4’s new sitcom Crashing, and receiving newspaper coverage following the TV programme. The more property owners and would-be guardians find out about it, the… Read More

30 September 2015 | News and features

Dot Dot Dot’s new CEO

Dot Dot Dot has had an amazing four years. Back in 2011, we were nothing but an idea and an ambition to get empty buildings into use to house people who wanted to do brilliant voluntary work. Since then, we have grown to house hundreds of people in all compass points of London, working with… Read More

30 April 2015 | News and features

Dot Dot Dot’s place in the housing pecking order

At Dot Dot Dot our mission is to get empty buildings into use for everyone’s benefit.  This means we aren’t always the right solution for every landlord, every potential resident and every empty property – and so we regularly advise landlords who contact us with buildings that others could put to better use to speak… Read More

16 December 2014 | News and features

These people need homes, these homes need people

At Dot Dot Dot, we’re constantly aware of the severity of the housing crisis currently facing the UK, and we are proud to be working to mitigate it for our guardians.  This blog, about our place in the bigger picture, was published on openDemocracy, an online politics magazine: Defending Property Guardianship – everybody benefits Most… Read More

8 September 2014 | News and features

We’re New Radicals!

We’re extremely proud that Dot Dot Dot has been included on the 2014 New Radicals list, compiled by The Observer and Nesta to recognise and celebrate ‘Britain’s brightest innovators and entrepreneurs’. The list of 50 individuals and organisations was whittled down from more than 1000 nominations, to highlight the new schemes that are doing the… Read More

14 May 2014 | News and features

Dot Dot Dot is on the move

This week is office-moving week for us at Dot Dot Dot.  After a very happy two and a half years of being based at the Young Foundation in Bethnal Green, we’re packing up our boxes and moving to a new space at Toynbee Hall. Working at the Young Foundation has been fantastic – while being… Read More

25 April 2014 | News and features

Dot Dot Dot guardians in The Guardian!

We were delighted to see Emma Howard’s piece in The Guardian this week about her experience of being a guardian with Dot Dot Dot. Emma wrote: “Nostalgic friends comment that my housing situation sounds “just like living in student halls”. What they mean, is that I am part of a community. Ideas, advice and DIY… Read More

21 March 2014 | News and features

Join Dot Dot Dot as an intern

Our paid interns are very important to us at Dot Dot Dot – the work they do to support the team in handling applications from potential guardians and helping existing guardians with their volunteering and their occupation of our properties is crucial to the organisation. We hope that at the same time as our interns… Read More

14 January 2014 | News and features

Help Dot Dot Dot find our new Head of Business Development!

At Dot Dot Dot we’re looking for a Head of Business Development – and if you know someone who would be great for the role, we’d love it if you could tell them about it. We’re looking for someone who is going to help us to scale up what we’re doing. This means that the… Read More

9 January 2014 | News and features

London, we have a problem.

                If you want to know how much of a housing crisis Britain faces, it’s well worth taking the time to read this essay from the London Review of Books.  It looks at the Bedroom Tax, Thatcher’s Right to Buy policies, and the changing role of housing associations,… Read More

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