Spotlight on: Veema Sawmynaden – creating meaningful impact through her digital magazine, Dark Hues

Veema had always been looking for ways that she could create a meaningful impact to society, but wanted to do so in a creative way to represent what she wanted to see in the world. So after attending a workshop around colourism, she developed the idea for a digital magazine to inspire conversations and raise awareness around the subject. Now, Dark Hues is a fast-growing platform for dark skin people of colour to share their experiences.

Spotlight on: Maria Stoica – finding her feet in London at Oasis City Farm

Maria Stoica

When she moved to London from rural Romania, the stark contrast between city and countryside was for Maria, unsettling. But after becoming a Dot Dot Dot guardian in 2016, she began searching for a volunteering opportunity that could help her maintain a connection with the countryside. It also meant Maria was helping to make London a greener and more sustainable city for all.

Spotlight on: Serkan – saving for a mortgage with property guardianship

When Serkan joined our thriving community of guardians in central London, he had initially only been thinking of his short commute to work. But with the financial stability that came with monthly living costs being significantly lower than local market rates, Serkan was able to begin saving money immediately. After his partner Klaara also became a property guardian in late 2019, their savings pot steadily increased, and in March 2020 they were searching for their dream home to buy outside of London.

Spotlight on: Tim Callaway – building strong connections with his community

When Tim moved to High Wycombe to become a property guardian in 2015, he was only intending it to be a short stop gap. But as more guardians moved to the area, it became clear that he was developing a strong connection with his community. Neighbourliness has always been a part of Dot Dot Dot’s ethos, and Tim tells us how he and his fellow guardians have helped improve the local area for residents by taking care of the outdoor spaces.

24 August 2021 | 10th anniversary

Spotlight on: Mark Muldoon – our guardian and relationship coordinator

Property guardian of nine years and Dot Dot Dot guardian for one and a half of those, our Relationship Coordinator, Mark, delves into the detail of why guardianship works for him. From being able to live in an octagon-shaped turret bedroom in Notting Hill, to meeting like-minded people, he loves the exciting opportunities opened up by property guardianship. Mark walks us through why he’s not quite ready to hang up his property guardian hat just yet…

Spotlight on: Melody Abeni – swapping London for Letchworth Garden City to develop her freelance writing career

Melody wasn’t intending to embark on a London hiatus, but when she stumbled upon our properties in Letchworth Garden City, she felt drawn to the leafy, pastoral town away from the capital. It was the perfect spot for developing her freelance writing and art career without committing to long-term change. Melody reveals just why the flexibility of guardianship is exactly what she needs during this period of her life.

24 August 2021 | 10th anniversary

Spotlight on: Josh Babarinde – from Dot Dot Dot guardian to our non-executive board director

In 2015, Josh signed up as a Dot Dot Dot guardian. Throughout his two year guardianship, he was able to focus on establishing and growing his award-winning social enterprise, Cracked It. In 2020, Josh’s passion for fighting for a fairer future for all led to his election as an Eastbourne councillor. In the same year, he re-joined us at Dot Dot Dot in a slightly different capacity. Discover more from Josh as he plots his journey from guardianship to joining our board of non-executive directors.

Spotlight on: Karolina Gerlich – from volunteer to CEO of care workers charity the National Association of Care and Support Workers

Karolina became a Dot Dot Dot guardian in 2017, living in Canning Town, east London. When she wasn’t a full-time care worker, Karolina was spending much of her free time volunteering with the National Association of Care and Support Workers, acting as CEO. Find out from Karolina how guardianship and volunteering enabled her to gain a full-time paid role as the chief executive of the charity she had dedicated her spare time to.

Social impact worth millions

Dot Dot Dot founder Katharine Hibbert counts up the value of our guardians’ volunteering over the past 10 years – and our contribution to it.

18 August 2021 | 10th anniversary

The value of Dot Dot Dot’s social impact over the past 10 years: How we calculated it

In June, Dot Dot Dot celebrated its 10th birthday, and on 24th August it will be exactly a decade since we housed our first guardian. We’ve worked out the total value of our guardians’ volunteering over the past 10 years is £4.3m and the value of the impact Dot Dot Dot has made is £1.8m. These two figures make us very proud, but how did we get to them?

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