23 June 2023 | Guardian stories, Volunteering

Celebrating Pride: How Roberto is helping LGBTQ+ young people

Mentor LGBTQ+ youth, pride volunteering, guardian, property guardian, social impact

In spring of 2021, Roberto joined our community of guardians in west London. He has since completed over 336 hours of volunteering. In the run up to Pride this year, Roberto started to mentor a young LGBTQ+ university student. We caught up with him about his new volunteering role, and the impact it’s having on… Read More

19 June 2023 | Guardian stories, Volunteering

Compassion without borders: How Basma is celebrating refugee week

A few months ago, Basma moved into one of our west London properties. A refugee from Egypt, she is a passionate volunteer within the refugee community and advocate for ending violence against women and girls.  In the run up to Refugee Week, we spoke to Basma about her volunteering past and present.   Compassion without… Read More

Finding love: the unexpected benefits of Dot Dot Dot guardianships

Benefits of Dot Dot Dot guardianship, property guardian, love story, finding love, marriage, wedding

It was the height of lockdown. The world felt more isolated than ever when Amanda moved to  Henley-on-Thames. Little did she know that the idyllic riverside town was about to become the backdrop to her love story.   New beginnings Henley’s wooded hills and green fields make it one of England’s prettiest towns. From September… Read More

Housing sector trends and predictions – what to expect in the latter half of 2023

Having emerged from the COVID pandemic as well as a politically charged and economically challenging 2022, the focus for those in the housing sector during the first quarter of 2023 has been on change and innovation. With a push from the government to ensure housing safety; increases in building materials; regulatory changes and an ever-growing need to create social value, property owners need to look for ways to save time, money and energy. In this article, we take an in-depth look at the housing trends and issues that will define the latter half of 2023.

How addressing the housing crisis helps everyone – not just renters

Dot Dot Dot Founder, Katharine Hibbert, examines how her motivations behind launching Dot Dot Dot in 2011 shape up 12 years on in a country still plagued by housing shortages and soaring costs. After over a decade of housing thousands at less than 66% of local market rents, Katharine argues that Dot Dot Dot’s work can only ever be part of the solution on the way to a much needed strategy to build the right homes, in the right places at prices local residents can afford.

14 April 2023 | Volunteering

How to make a difference for Earth Day (and beyond)

Clean up, Earth Day, rubbish pick up, environment, get involved for earth day

With each passing year, Earth Day becomes more timely. It’s never been more important to lead a sustainable life. This isn’t as hard as it may sound. There are always small changes we can make to help save our planet. ‘Invest in our planet’ is the theme for this year’s Earth Day. So, we’ve listed… Read More

International Women’s Day

International Women's Day, Dot Dot Dot, social impact, women making impact

Since International Women’s Day last year, we’ve housed 179 women who are making an incredible social impact. Together, these women have contributed 15,134 hours of voluntary work to a range of charities in the UK, Poland and further afield. That’s 179 women giving almost a quarter of a million pounds of work to 182 different… Read More

22 February 2023 | Guardian stories, Volunteering

Spotlight on Sam: Creating connections through volunteering

Dot Dot Dot property guardian, Sam, volunteering.

As a video producer and communications consultant in the social sector, Sam has had the opportunity to work with non-profit organisations in Ireland, the UK and Sub Saharan Africa. Through volunteering as part of his Dot Dot Dot guardianship, Sam has been able to offer his skills to organisations that couldn’t otherwise afford his services…. Read More

26 January 2023 | Volunteering

Three volunteering opportunities in east London

Volunteering opportunities in east London

Our community of guardians in east London is growing. With lots of new properties becoming available in Poplar, we thought we’d share some great volunteering opportunities in east London. Every month, our guardians each spend at least 16 hours volunteering for a cause they care about. In 2022, our east London guardians collectively contributed 5,044… Read More

14 December 2022 | The Dot Dot Dot story

Reflections on five months as Dot Dot Dot’s Chief Executive

This month we have welcomed our Chief Executive, Mark Ackroyd, back from five months of parental leave.  In his absence, I covered his role alongside my usual responsibilities as Dot Dot Dot’s Executive Chair, bringing me closer to the nitty-gritty of our work. Here are my reflections on five months in the driving seat.

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