25 March 2020 | Uncategorised

Dot Dot Dot’s response to Siân Berry’s letter to property guardian companies during the Covid-19 crisis

Siân Berry, London Assembly Member, recently wrote a letter to property guardian companies asking for information about how each company is responding to the COVID-19 crisis. Read our response to her questions.

24 March 2020 | Volunteering blogs

Where and how to volunteer during the Covid-19 crisis

There are a multitude of ways that you can volunteer during the Covid-19 crisis but we’ve compiled our own list of easy ways that you can get involved.

16 March 2020 | Volunteering blogs

How volunteering can help you live a happier life

Whoever you are and whatever your age, volunteering can give you the all-important help you need to divert your focus away from daily stresses, maintain a healthy mindset and add more spice to your life.

6 March 2020 | Making a space a home

4 ways to make your space a home for under £100

Property Guardians have the freedom to paint and renovate their space. Read how you can quickly and easily make your space a home for under £100.

Life as a Dot Dot Dot property guardian: Desire

Through living as a Dot Dot Dot Property Guardian, Desire was given the all-important time she needed to put her passion into practice and volunteer with Futurist Women.

19 February 2020 | Spotlight on

‘I’m Ikea’s first female carpenter in the UK and I love it’

Dawn Gladwin, 60, on how she spends money doing up her home but is also renovating a VW camper.

17 February 2020 | Volunteering blogs

10 easy volunteering options to get you started

If you’re unsure how to begin volunteering you’ve come to the right place. Check out our top ten organisations to make it easy for you to get started.

4 February 2020 | Volunteering blogs

5 great places to volunteer in Greenwich

With our properties in Greenwich coming soon, we’ve delved into the area’s volunteering hotspots to bring you 5 great opportunities to make a positive impact.

3 February 2020 | News and features, Uncategorised

Introducing Dot Dot Dot’s new Board of Directors

At Dot Dot Dot Property we are very proud to welcome four new non-executive directors to our board. Josh Babarinde, Lisa Taylor, Alistair Stuart and Tony Curzon Price will be bringing their wide-ranging skills and experience to oversee our strategy and to make sure we are on track to achieve our goals.

24 January 2020 | Spotlight on, Volunteering blogs

Life as a Dot Dot Dot property guardian: Alex from Barkingside

Alex tells us what life is like as a Dot Dot Dot property guardian in Barkingside and how he volunteers online to make a positive difference.

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