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11 September 2017 | #Cosmohomemade, Making a space a home

Making a space a home – the pinterest way

Nicola is a property guardian in one of the #Cosmohomemade houses and tells us her DIY experience of turning a tired space into her gorgeous retreat I think there are two types of people that make a happy guardian – the ones who don’t need everything to look perfect or the ones who love to make… Read More

Women in Housing Awards 2017 – Dot Dot Dot Shortlisted for our collaboration with Cosmopolitan Magazine

Yesterday we found out that we have been shortlisted in the Best Marketing or Promotional Campaign category at this year’s Women in Housing Awards. Great organisations such as Peabody, Aster and Equity Housing are also nominated in our category, so we’re looking forward to finding out who the winner is on 2nd November. Good luck to… Read More

11 May 2017 | #Cosmohomemade

Cosmo ‘Home, Made’ Campaign Featured on BBC London News

Asad Ahmad visited the Clapham property where we are housing Cosmo readers as guardians. It was great to see Stephanie, Charlotte, Josephine, Simone and Kayleigh talk about their experiences: what they do, why they have become guardians and what difference they hope it’ll make to their lives. Amy Grier, Features Director of Cosmopolitan, has written… Read More

26 April 2017 | #Cosmohomemade

Cosmopolitan launches “Home, Made” initiative with Dot Dot Dot

Cosmopolitan magazine has launched their Home, Made campaign with an exciting new initiative in collaboration with Dot Dot Dot. It offers young women the opportunity to live in London who would otherwise face being priced out due to high rental prices. Cosmopolitan teamed up with Dot Dot Dot to locate properties across the capital, which… Read More

2 September 2016 | #Cosmohomemade

‘Halve Your Rent’ with #Cosmohomemade! This Week – Guardian Stories

Our partnership with the wonderful Cosmopolitan magazine continues. We’ve teamed up with them to offer affordable housing to 20 of their readers. This week, they’ve featured three of our guardians’ personal stories in the print edition. Read on to find out more and feel inspired to ‘Halve Your Rent’ with #Cosmohomemade! Diana, Jessica and Dionne’s… Read More

7 July 2016 | #Cosmohomemade

Teaming up with Cosmopolitan Magazine to deal with the housing crisis

We’re delighted that Dot Dot Dot has teamed up with Cosmopolitan Magazine on their new campaign to deal with the housing crisis. They know that their readers struggle to find decent housing that they can afford close to the jobs they want to do – and we see the same thing every day from the… Read More