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So, who do you house?

We are often asked what type of person is suited to property guardianship. Dot Dot Dot CEO, Peter Brown, looks at the diversity of Dot Dot Dot property guardians and what sets them apart from other property guardians.

15 October 2020 | The Dot Dot Dot story

The people behind the regeneration process

Read how Dot Dot Dot sensitively supports estate regeneration by housing engaged property guardians who make caring neighbours.

8 October 2020 | The Dot Dot Dot story

Turning a sow’s ear into a silk purse: Property guardianship with purpose

There are more than 600,000 dwellings sitting empty in England right now. At Dot Dot Dot we repurpose these empty spaces into homes for people who support a huge variety of good causes.

24 September 2020 | The Dot Dot Dot story

How Dot Dot Dot can help to remove anxiety from the housing process

Britain’s housing system is a mess – and the impact this has on renters’ wellbeing is real.  At Dot Dot Dot, we know this is a problem, so we’re doing the best we can to make property guardianship as stress-free as possible.  But we’re also calling for wider change to improve the situation for everybody.

17 September 2020 | The Dot Dot Dot story

You gotta fight for your right to safety

Part of Dot Dot Dot’s mission as a social enterprise is to push up standards in the property guardian sector – and one of the ways we try to do this is to clarify and publicise the legal rights that all guardians and would-be guardians have. This blog is a refresher on those rights. We hope it’s helpful.

How being a property guardian with Dot Dot Dot is different

At Dot Dot Dot we keep compassion at our core, setting ourselves apart from others in our industry through our continued focus and care in helping our guardians to build safer and stronger communities. Read on to learn more about how being a property guardian with Dot Dot Dot is different.

Providing property peace of mind

Vacant properties can quickly attract attention and become an easy target for anti-social behaviour and squatters. At Dot Dot Dot, we offer an innovative solution by housing socially-minded individuals in empty properties who will proactively report any criminal activity or maintenance issues.

The Inside Track on Dot Dot Dot

Our founder, Katharine Hibbert, was interviewed on BBC Business Live about England’s housing crisis and Dot Dot Dot’s approach to preventing buildings from lying empty, providing an affordable housing solution and supporting communities.

Guardian feedback – you said, we did.

We hold regular meetings to discuss the feedback we receive from our guardian surveys. Following each meeting we post a blog to let you know what improvements we are making to our service. Here’s this month’s update.

A housing solution where everyone wins

At Dot Dot Dot Property, we believe in win-win-wins. That’s not necessarily a common world-view, especially when it comes to housing. Many instances point to a losing game: people priced out of the life that they want, expensive security solutions for vacant properties, empty buildings that gradually diminish the liveliness of neighborhoods… But we’re all… Read More

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