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20 September 2021 | The Dot Dot Dot story

Doing the right thing at Dot Dot Dot

From day one, Dot Dot Dot has set out to be a company that acts ethically – for our guardians, for property owners, for staff and for the wider community. Our founder, Katharine, takes a look at what it means to be an ethical business.

What “doing our best work” means in practice

One of our key goals at Dot Dot Dot is to “do our best work”. That mantra is meaningful to us because it expresses several different important concepts at once, explains our CEO, Peter Brown.

Three cheers for the bureaucrats!

As we turn 10, Katharine Hibbert argues that it’s the diligent administrators putting ideas into practice that make for a successful, sustainable business.

Data proves that everybody really does need good neighbours

A recent report highlights the importance of strong community infrastructure and neighbourliness explains our founder, Katharine Hibbert.

Silver linings on the high street

Our founder, Katharine Hibbert, explores the silver lining of Britain’s empty high streets: an opportunity to build back better.

12 March 2021 | The Dot Dot Dot story

When is a social enterprise like a submarine?

Think being a social enterprise can’t possibly have anything to do with submarines? Think again. Our founder, Katharine Hibbert, explores the parallels between our decision-making process and that of sailors operating 500m underwater.

Pricing people in, not out

For people who rent their homes, finding a nice place in a convenient location for a price you can afford has been a challenge in the UK for a long time.  This issue was a key reason why Dot Dot Dot was launched in 2011, and the situation has become worse over the past ten years. Dot Dot Dot Founder, Kath, takes a look at how Dot Dot Dot offers an alternative solution.

Be the change – how Dot Dot Dot’s model helps people going through transitions

Change is always hard, whether it’s change you chose yourself or change you didn’t want but have to deal with anyway. One of the main ways that we help guardians through periods of transition is by providing well-managed homes, costing a fraction of local market rents. Here, our Founder Katharine Hibbert, explores what this has meant for our current guardians, and how our model has helped them to progress and succeed in their goals.

So, who do you house?

We are often asked what type of person is suited to property guardianship. Dot Dot Dot CEO, Peter Brown, looks at the diversity of Dot Dot Dot property guardians and what sets them apart from other property guardians.

The people behind the regeneration process

Read how Dot Dot Dot sensitively supports estate regeneration by housing engaged property guardians who make caring neighbours.

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