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8 October 2020 | The Dot Dot Dot story

Turning a sow’s ear into a silk purse: Property guardianship with purpose

There are more than 600,000 dwellings sitting empty in England right now. At Dot Dot Dot we repurpose these empty spaces into homes for people who support a huge variety of good causes.

24 September 2020 | The Dot Dot Dot story

How Dot Dot Dot can help to remove anxiety from the housing process

Britain’s housing system is a mess – and the impact this has on renters’ wellbeing is real.  At Dot Dot Dot, we know this is a problem, so we’re doing the best we can to make property guardianship as stress-free as possible.  But we’re also calling for wider change to improve the situation for everybody.

17 September 2020 | The Dot Dot Dot story

You gotta fight for your right to safety

Part of Dot Dot Dot’s mission as a social enterprise is to push up standards in the property guardian sector – and one of the ways we try to do this is to clarify and publicise the legal rights that all guardians and would-be guardians have. This blog is a refresher on those rights. We hope it’s helpful.

How you can save money on living costs whilst giving back to your community

Save money on living costs whilst giving back to your community at the same time.  

How being a property guardian with Dot Dot Dot is different

At Dot Dot Dot we keep compassion at our core, setting ourselves apart from others in our industry through our continued focus and care in helping our guardians to build safer and stronger communities. Read on to learn more about how being a property guardian with Dot Dot Dot is different.

Dot Dot Dot’s plans to build back better

Hear from our founder, Katharine, on how we are ready to invest to make sure we are able to do even more and even better as the country begins to recover from the COVID-19 crisis.

The NatWest SE100 has named us in their list of leading UK social enterprises. Our Founder, Katharine, tells more about Dot Dot Dot’s story

The NatWest SE100 champions growth, impact and resilience amongst socially-oriented ventures in the UK. Our founder, Katharine, talks of being a finalist in the growth category, her inspiration, and her vision for Dot Dot Dot’s future.

Introducing Dot Dot Dot’s new Board of Directors

At Dot Dot Dot Property we are very proud to welcome four new non-executive directors to our board. Josh Babarinde, Lisa Taylor, Alistair Stuart and Tony Curzon Price will be bringing their wide-ranging skills and experience to oversee our strategy and to make sure we are on track to achieve our goals.

We do more than just property guardianship

Dot Dot Dot’s unique approach to property guardianship adds a focus on community-building and placemaking. Read more about how we go beyond just providing empty property security and inexpensive housing for residents.

Providing property peace of mind

Vacant properties can quickly attract attention and become an easy target for anti-social behaviour and squatters. At Dot Dot Dot, we offer an innovative solution by housing socially-minded individuals in empty properties who will proactively report any criminal activity or maintenance issues.

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