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Spotlight on: Sara and Steeve, celebrating Pride Month 2021

For Pride Month 2021, we spoke to our south east London guardian, Sara who’s providing mentorship and support to LGBTQ+ people looking to move to the UK with the lesbian and gay immigration group. And our Oxford guardian, Steeve, who volunteers with ReportOUT, a global human rights organisation for sexual and gender minorities.

17 June 2021 | Guardian stories

Spotlight on: Ailsa, looking back at eight years of Dot Dot Dot guardianship

Our longest standing guardian, Ailsa, reflects on friendships, volunteering and community during her eight years as a Dot Dot Dot property guardian.

26 March 2021 | Guardian stories, Volunteering

Guardian of the month: Laura Chaitow

We caught up with our Oxford guardian, Laura, who has been volunteering supporting her nursing colleagues throughout the pandemic.

19 March 2021 | Guardian stories

Spotlight on: Aoise and Zoe, International Women’s Day

For International Women’s Day, we spoke to our former guardian, Aoise, who’s paving the way for women leaders in social enterprise through her work with Supply Change. And our east London guardian, Zoe, who has been supporting vulnerable women and children in temporary housing through her volunteering with the Magpie Project.

26 February 2021 | Guardian stories, Volunteering

Life as a Dot Dot Dot guardian: Mahmoud, Oxford

Our Oxford guardian, Mahmoud, explores how he has been volunteering to support his community by offering free meals to people who’ve suffered financially due to the pandemic

29 January 2021 | Guardian stories

Life as a Dot Dot Dot property guardian: Tom, east London

Dot Dot Dot guardian, Tom, explores how guardianship has given him the freedom to pursue his goals, develop skills he didn’t know he had and live in an area of London he loves.

Be the change – how Dot Dot Dot’s model helps people going through transitions

Change is always hard, whether it’s change you chose yourself or change you didn’t want but have to deal with anyway. One of the main ways that we help guardians through periods of transition is by providing well-managed homes, costing a fraction of local market rents. Here, our Founder Katharine Hibbert, explores what this has meant for our current guardians, and how our model has helped them to progress and succeed in their goals.

18 December 2020 | Guardian stories

Spotlight on: Tom – what it’s like to volunteer for Samaritans

“Volunteering for Samaritans is extremely rewarding. You sense you’ve made a difference at the most basic level – you have been there for someone.” Dot Dot Dot guardian, Tom, tells of his experience of volunteering with Samaritans.

11 September 2020 | Guardian stories

Spotlight on: Stuart – Changing Horizons

Read Dot Dot Dot guardian Stuart’s story to discover how through running his charity, Changing Horizons, he has been able to help thousands of people access the right support to improve their mental health.

20 August 2020 | Guardian stories, Volunteering

Spotlight on: Elizabeth – Women in Localization

Dot Dot Dot guardian, Elizabeth, tells her volunteering story as part of our Summer Series.

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