Helping those in housing need

There are many different types of housing need. More and more people are simply priced out of well-managed accommodation. Property guardianship will not be suitable for all, but it is a good housing option for those individuals that it suits. Well managed property guardianship properties add to the supply of good housing options local authorities (LAs) can recommend.

With the Homelessness Reduction Act, now is a particularly important time to explore whether local authorities and other relevant organisations can successfully signpost suitable people to responsible property guardian companies such as Dot Dot Dot.

Dot Dot Dot is beginning to receive referrals from LAs and is piloting more formal partnerships with a selection of homelessness charities. We believe we are making a positive difference to society by widening the pool of people who can become property guardians. For this impact to scale, Dot Dot Dot will need as many vacant properties to manage as possible.

Reasons for people in housing need to become Dot Dot Dot guardians

A range of properties, from large shared buildings to self-contained units available across London and the rest of England, all managed by our friendly and approachable team
Monthly fees from £200 to £700 depending on room size, location and facilities.
The average stay is seven months and we regularly rehouse people after properties are handed back, so it is a reasonable prospect for secure housing
This way of life works for a wide spectrum of people. We currently house people from 20 to 70 years old
Everyone we house volunteers for charities. For those in housing need, this can help build confidence and employability skills and provides evidence to potential future landlords, that they can be good and socially minded tenants
Property guardians are housed as licensees, which means they have the right to the same minimum property standards as tenants, but they can receive (or give) 28 days’ notice to leave the property
We pride ourselves on our consistent, fair and transparent processes. We therefore treat people in housing need as any other guardian applicant. The experience should be a representative stepping stone to the rest of the housing market

Next steps

Are you a housing options adviser at an LA?

We would be delighted if you began to signpost relevant people to Dot Dot Dot. It can be as simple as pointing people towards our website, where they can find out more before commencing the application process.

If you would like to have more information to hand before you begin referring anyone, there are two options on the form below:

> Request our info pack (for immediate download)
> Request a callback from a Dot Dot Dot team member in order to discuss a workshop for your staff

More Info for Housing Options Advisers

Please fill in this form to download the info pack and let us know if you would like a call back.

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We are collecting your information in order to gauge interest amongst local authorities for signposting their residents to Dot Dot Dot. We will call you if you request a callback.

Are you responsible for empty properties?

With more properties under our management, we can maximise the number of people in housing need who are able to benefit from a more affordable, well-managed housing option. Find out more about how we can manage all types of empty properties – including standalone residential voids, empty commercial properties and properties which become vacant as part of a regeneration scheme – over on our “Empty Property Security” page.