COVID-19: Dot Dot Dot’s response plan and important information

From all of us at Dot Dot Dot, we hope you are keeping well and safe.

As a result of the current Covid-19 situation, we have put in place a range of measures to make sure that we look after our team and guardians and our clients.

We review our plans when necessary to align with government recommendations. You can keep up to speed with our plans as they evolve by reviewing this document.

Keeping you safe during the Covid-19 pandemic

We pride ourselves on providing safe, affordable homes to all our guardians, and have communicated our Covid-19 secure measures to everyone we house. We also want to reassure anyone who is interested in becoming a Dot Dot Dot guardian that we have the same high standards for keeping people safe throughout the application process.

Viewing properties

  • Once you have successfully applied to become a guardian, you can book onto virtual viewings conducted over Zoom to learn more about the properties you’re interested in.
  • If you’re keen to live in a property that you have seen on a virtual viewing, we can arrange a private viewing. This will be done in-person at the property with one of our team, and will be socially-distanced with everyone required to wear masks indoors.
  • If there are existing guardians living in the property already, we will tell them about the private viewing to ensure they provide sufficient space e.g. in communal areas.

Moving in

You’ve found the place you want and now it’s time to do the paperwork and get your keys:

  • We will give you all the information you need and complete your contract signing remotely – over Zoom and email.
  • We will have to see you in person to check your ID and give you your keys – this will be done in a socially-distanced way and we will minimise the risk of cross-infection by ensuring we wash and sanitise our hands before and after we touch your belongings.
  • In cases where more than one person is moving into the same property on the same day, we will stagger moving-in times, and coordinate with existing guardians to reduce the likelihood of lots of people moving at the same time.
  • Guardians clean their rooms before leaving, and advise new guardians to clean it as they would any home. Each property is left for 72 hours before a new guardian arrives.

Communal properties

Some of our properties are communal so will involve sharing spaces and facilities with other guardians. Wherever possible, we have provided instructions to keep the number of guardians using specific facilities to a minimum. In cases where guardians have to isolate due to Covid-19, they will put signage on their doors to notify other guardians and we will not conduct inspections of their spaces.


Guardians’ homes can be inspected at any time, and by working together we can all keep safe. During the pandemic, our staff wear masks and will conduct their inspections from your doorway. They will only enter your home if it’s necessary to deliver essential services / checks, and then will wear masks, gloves and use hand sanitiser / use sanitising wipes on anything they touch.