Resources and support services

You can find a list of resources, funding and support services in this document that you, or your friends and loved ones might find useful at this time.

Safety in the buildings managed by Dot Dot Dot

Please ensure you are following the government’s advice to maintain your own wellness and to reduce the chances of the transmission of the virus.

If you live in a building with shared kitchens or bathrooms please ensure these areas are cleaned regularly, are kept clean and to a higher standard than normal. If you live in a shared building, you may wish to organise a rota to ensure that communal areas are cleaned and that this workload is shared amongst guardians. Remember to include sanitising door handles or other contact points as well as normal cleaning duties, use the whatsapp group to self-organise around this. If a guardian in a shared building is self-isolating then please support this person as you would any other neighbour, for example by assisting with shopping or other tasks that may be difficult for them.

When traveling through any shared areas of buildings, please use your sleeves to avoid touching door handles with your hands. Where possible, using knuckles to press buttons on lifts, or elbows to push open doors is also helpful.

If you have housemates or guardians who are self-isolating, you may need to take special measures. In some properties you will have the option to separate kitchen and bathroom facilities, and in others you will need to work together to implement careful hygiene procedures.

It will usually be better for you to work with fellow guardians to make arrangements that suit you and your neighbours. If you need assistance from Dot Dot Dot to organise the correct steps or to communicate with other guardians, please get in touch.


We expect some repairs that are not safety-critical will take longer to complete than normal because of shortages in the workforces of our repairs and maintenance contractors. Please bear with us for repairs that are not safety-critical.

We will be prioritising hot water repairs to facilitate handwashing, alongside our normal categories of health and safety repairs. Please continue to report repairs to to help us give you the best service.


Property inspections will continue: they are an important way in which we maintain safe buildings. If you are self-isolating then it’s essential you let us know so we can plan our visits with this knowledge. Please email us at if you are advised to, or decide to, self-isolate.

Our staff members will be taking special measures to limit the risk that they will spread infections between properties, including wearing gloves and using a sanitising spray on door handles or other surfaces before making contact. Please support our team in carrying out their work responsibly.

If our team encounters you while undertaking property inspections, they have been asked to ask you whether you are self-isolating. They will record this so that we can track who has been affected and manage our ongoing contact with you. We will continue to review our inspections activity in the light of government and Public Health England advice.


I know many organisations are cancelling or suspending activities and events where guardians volunteer – especially those organisations who have clients and beneficiaries in the groups who are most vulnerable to the virus. We will maintain a common-sense approach to our expectations of guardians’ volunteering at this time.

We will add a question to the March Volunteering Report Form where you will be able to tell us about the impact of Covid-19 on your volunteering. If there are volunteering efforts to support the community with coping with the impacts of Covid-19 near to you, then please get involved if you feel you have something to give. We understand and expect that your ordinary routine of volunteering will be disrupted but please continue to put your energy in where you can. If you cannot complete your expected volunteering due to illness or self-isolation, please report this to us through the Volunteering Report Form.

Financial hardship

If you believe you will experience issues in paying your fees as they fall due then you must contact us ahead of time. Our intention is to support a successful ongoing relationship with our guardians.

If you are at higher risk

If you are at higher risk for serious illness from COVID-19 because of your age or as the result of a long-term health problem or for any other reason then we would like to know this, so we can take account of this information in our planning.