27 January 2014 | Volunteering | Back to Blog

Crafternoons (taking place in the evening, but the blend just works better)

What happens if more than one DotDotDot guardian end up in the same room?


There will inevitably be a lively bouncing around of ideas about new start up social enterprises, volunteering experiences and opportunities, funding applications, not to mention deep philosophical conversations.

Our initial plan was to meet up for drinks and hang out but within an hour we had moved on to deciding on Poplar’s future (will it at some point be “the new Peckam,” which, as we all agreed, is becoming “the new Shoreditch”?). And within the evening, we had made plans for new volunteering projects.

Since none of us wanted to wait until we would be able to realize them, we spontaneously decided to spend the rest of the evening with extremely ad hoc volunteering, getting pen and paper, stickers, and scissors out, putting our creative hats on, and started writing letters to children around the UK. We found our new pen pals via PostPals, whose motto is “A card, letter or even a gift, can give a poorly child’s face a much needed lift.” It definitely put lots of smiles on our faces.