22 October 2013 | News and features | Back to Blog

D.I-Y? Why not!

Plumbers-LondonGiven the number of leaks we have to deal with, it was only a matter of time before Ben and I were sent off to learn a bit about plumbing.

A couple of weeks ago we headed down to The Goodlife Centre for a two hour workshop aimed at teaching us the essential basics of plumbing. They are an incredibly friendly lot. The workshop is warm and welcoming with endless tools and creations piled, stacked and hanging in every available space. Plus, there was plenty of tea and biscuits to keep us all going.

We were introduced to a whole lot of very useful things. Like, ‘lefty-loosey, righty-tighty’ to help you remember which way to turn a screw (incidentally, I also used this when removing a tic from my dog. Does it apply to all of nature? I might make it my life’s work to find out).

We learned how to turn the water off using an isolation valve (when the line on the screw is in line with the pipe, the water will be on, when it is perpendicular, the water will be off). We learned what a U-Bend really is (a trap to prevent sewer gases from entering buildings, dontcha know) and how to take one apart. We were also shown some pretty scary looking, but very useful pipe and toilet un-blockers which we have both added to our Christmas lists.

After a brief description of how to take a tap to pieces we were set to work on our dummy taps to see if we had been taking it in. We took them apart with great enthusiasm (a bit too much, maybe, I broke mine) but eventually Ben and I both managed to put them together again. We then moved on to having a go at applying the silicone seal that helps prevent mould and leaks around a bath. This really released my inner Hermione Granger and we (mostly me) had an excellent competition to see who could do the best job. Unfortunately there were no certificates so we will never know who was the ultimate winner.

This was really brilliant fun and very useful. We learned so many little things that we could use straight away as well as when you should G.S.I (get someone in) or when an issue might be S.O.P (somebody else’s problem). I would definitely recommend this to everyone, and I’m seriously thinking about hitting them up for some help with electrics and carpentry.