17 June 2013 | Volunteering | Back to Blog

Decorating Update

To be honest I have been a bit remiss in the decor of the flat until I got a flatmate. From then on we sat up until all hours planning and verbalising a creative whirlwind of ideas and making shopping lists for improvements we felt the place needed.  Fast forward to one month later and admittedly we are still not complete, there are still items that need ticking off the list but we have made inroads and having read the recent blogs about what other guardians have achieved we felt it necessary to share.  We have many ideas still to bring to fruition but the first idea, a forest / orchard in the living room is up and running. We obtained paint from the reclaim at Leyton, tools and brushes from £1 shops and food and drink were supplied to our artists on a lovely sunny Saturday afternoon. This is a work in progress and we so far have “grown” pear, lemon, cherry, willow, baobab and a completely imaginary prehistoric tree.  Our balcony is now underwater and beach themed with room for us to add some colourful tropical fish to swim alongside a shark and some clown fish.  We have great and secret plans for the hall, bathroom, toilet and kitchen and the reveals will be posted here as and when complete.  We’ve decided to keep the bedrooms “normal” just in case we need refuge from the colours and outpourings of our imaginations that now live on the walls.  Keep ’em peeled 🙂