Dot Dot Dot Letters: Send a letter and make a difference

Last night saw the launch of Dot Dot Dot Letters, a group who will meet regularly to write cheerful letters to people who need a bit of a pick-me-up. The possibilities are pretty much endless: soldiers, prisoners, people in hospital, people who are lonely and isolated, anyone who needs a bit of love, really! There was a great turnout and I came home with a very impressive 20 letters, all ready to be posted off to poorly children (through Post Pals), adults undergoing chemotherapy (through Chemo Angels) and to elderly people (through Neighbours in Poplar).


Hosted by Wilton’s Music Hall, we met for a couple of hours to fire off lovely letters whilst drinking tea. Actually, we were so engrossed in the letters and the conversation that hardly any tea was drunk! Sorry Wilton’s! This venue is absolutely amazing – the epitome of real life shabby chic, with really friendly staff and the sounds of passionate scenes emanating from the play in the next room – it’s well worth a visit.

I think most people will understand the pleasure of receiving a hand-written letter. I’ve been very inspired by websites like More Love Letters and One Million Lovely Letters – especially the testimonials from people who have found the letters and had a bad day completely turned around. It was amazing to have so many people come and write such a lot of letters as well as to have the opportunity to meet lots of new people. The only downside, and I mean only, was the distinct lack of cake, a serious issue that will definitely be rectified for next time.


IMG_20131001_120837 IMG_20131001_121024


This is open to absolutely everyone, you can drop in for a quick one or stay the whole time. Come and get involved, it would be great to see you and there are lots of people who would love to receive your cards and letters. If you want to hear more or get updates on when we’re meeting, email me at

And finally, a huge thank you to everyone who came, I can’t wait to post this huge pile of letters sitting on my desk. See you next time!