24 March 2017 | News and features | Back to Blog

Dot Dot Dot is an LGBT+ Friendly Housing Provider

We are proud to publicly state that we are an LGBT+ friendly housing provider.

We house a diverse and rich mix of people across the country, among them many members of the LGBT+ community. Whilst our staff always treat anyone of any background with positivity, friendliness and respect, recent research makes clear that displaying LGBT+ friendly status openly is of great benefit to members of the LGBT+ community in search of housing.

LGBT+ people encounter discrimination and hostility in their housing choices in much the same way they still experience discrimination and hostility in their day to day lives. Many landlords may be unaware of, insensitive or opposed to LGBT+ needs regarding housing. Consequently, finding suitable housing can be an uncertain experience for members of the LGBT+ community. Recognising this uncertainty, we are happy to declare openly and proudly that we support LGBT+ people in their search for housing.

We asked Lucy Pedrick, who led on this piece of research, the best way to demonstrate that we support the LGBT+ community in their housing needs. She said that simply displaying a rainbow flag on our website and making a statement of intent was of great reassurance to many. So this is exactly what we’ve done for the time being. As further research evolves, we will be looking at new ways to ensure that members of the LGBT+ feel welcomed by Dot Dot Dot when meeting us digitally or personally.

Of course, the fact remains we aren’t the right housing option for everyone. There remain limits to who we can house in terms of finances and vulnerability. But, in line with this research, we feel that by announcing that we are an LGBT+ friendly housing provider publicly, we offer valuable reassurance and certainty to those members of the LGBT+ community who may come across us as a housing option. We’d encourage other housing providers to do the same.