2 August 2013 | News and features | Back to Blog

Dot Dot Dot recognised as driving force of social business: ‘every community needs one’

Our effort to make a dent in the housing crisis has been recognised – we’ve been highlighted as a ‘brilliant example of people just doing stuff’ – the ‘stuff’ being tangible social good in tandem with financial independence.

We’ve been awarded one of ReEconomy Project’s top 20 ‘Transition Enterprises’ due to our transformative potential as a ‘highly replicable’ and ‘scalable business’. The prize was made possible by the Transition Network, which supports community-led initiatives that rebuild resilience and reduce CO2 Emissions.

ReEconomy’s Transition Prize highlights people with a passion for addressing real community need whist being self-reliant, a working model proved by the winners’ collective turnover of £3.5 million. The Project hopes to inspire other entrepreneurs so that in the future every community can benefit from their own community enterprise. Dot Dot Dot is one of

just three enterprises changing the housing sector, but our social contribution is made possible by our guardians – the people who take the opportunity we provide and make the biggest impact on their community they possibly can!