13 December 2016 | The Dot Dot Dot story | Back to Blog

Dot Dot Dot: Solving the needs of three distinct groups – for the benefit of all

As a social enterprise, we are unique in the property guardian sector: we are a business with a big idea at our heart. We work to solve the needs of three distinct groups, for the benefit of all.

In our fifth year of proving there is a different way to secure empty buildings, we have spent some time looking at our brand, focusing on three areas.

  1. By making the most of places in transition, we enable results that are greater than the sum of their parts. We do this by addressing the guardian’s need, the owner’s need and the community’s need, which creates a virtuous circle of improvement. Be that through our work housing property guardians in buildings which would otherwise be empty, or where we breathe life into community places like our own home, the View Tube.
  1. We manage places in transition, expertly. Since Katharine Hibbert founded Dot Dot Dot in 2011, we have grown to a team of 15 and proven ourselves trustworthy to the people and organisations we have worked with. This is recognised through the industry awards we have received, our long term relationship with owners and guardians and our continued growth to new parts of the country.
  1. We are changing our industry for the better. We provide property owners with a consistently excellent service across the life of every project we work on. We offer guardians positive management and support to volunteer, as well as transparency about the high standards that we work to, and we use empty buildings to create a positive impact on local communities.

Our thanks go to Studio Blackburn for working with us on our branding project and to everyone who has been part of the Dot Dot Dot journey so far. We hope to use our new visual identity to communicate our approach even more widely, and we look forward to working with you in 2017 and beyond as we expand into new areas across the country.