Dot Dot Dot’s plans to build back better

From our founder, Katharine Hibbert

At Dot Dot Dot we have been motivated through the Covid-19 crisis by the knowledge that our work to create housing and support neighbourliness is now more useful than ever.  Good homes are important, but they are even more important when you’re locked down and can’t leave.  Living in a supportive community is always life-enhancing, but never more so when you know you might become seriously ill and friends and family are far away.  

Our work will become even more useful to property guardians, property owners and the wider community as the lockdown lifts.  That’s why we’re hiring – read on for why we’re aiming to do more in the coming months, and the positions we need to fill. 

As the immediate health crisis subsides, government support for businesses and individuals will unwind.  This will lead to significant financial hardship for individuals.  Those who rent their homes are going to be hit particularly hard, as they are least likely to have savings, and most likely to be in the jobs that have been worst-affected by coronavirus. 

Like everyone, these people have energy and skills which they can apply to the problems we all face.  If they are forced into a situation where they can do nothing but struggle to keep their heads above water financially, their ability to get involved in good causes and make a difference will be lost. They need homes they can afford, and a living situation which enables them to find new opportunities and to work on the projects they care about.  Dot Dot Dot has been striving to provide this since day one. 

At the same time, we can expect disruption and uncertainty in the property sector as businesses adapt to the impact of coronavirus.  No one yet knows what the outcomes will be – has our approach to shopping, socialising, travelling and working in offices changed for good, or will we return to old habits as risks subside?  What will happen to house prices and therefore the viability of regeneration schemes?  It’s too early to know, so property owners need flexibility and a reliable, cost-effective way to manage buildings whose future is uncertain – a service Dot Dot Dot has always provided.

And the country as a whole needs motivated, kind people who will be good neighbours, who will maintain and build on the community-support schemes that have sprung up through the crisis, who will watch out for the elderly and unwell, and who will start to rebuild the charities and voluntary projects which have seen their income streams evaporate.  We exist as a social enterprise to funnel our residents’ energy into exactly these tasks.

So Dot Dot Dot’s work has never been more needed, and we are ready to invest to make sure we are able to do even more and even better as the country begins to recover.  We were growing strongly before the crisis hit, and we have rapidly adapted our approaches to make sure that we are able to operate safely.  We have been taking on new buildings throughout the crisis, housing dozens of new guardians during April and May, and we intend to continue. 

That’s why we are now hiring.  Our first step will be to strengthen our business development and marketing teams, and then reinforce our services team. 

Today we are looking for a new Head of Growth and Partnerships – this is a senior role in the business, and is an opportunity for someone with expertise in winning work and building relationships to join us to help us grow and to shape the business for the future as a member of the Strategic Leadership Team.  We particularly welcome applications from women, disabled people and people who are Black, Asian or from minority ethnic groups.  More detail on the role is available here.

Please spread the word – and watch this space as we advertise future roles over the coming weeks.