29 June 2017 | News and features | Back to Blog

Dot Dot Dot’s view on the role of property guardianship on the London housing market – our response to London Assembly’s research on the sector

At Dot Dot Dot, we are glad that the London Assembly’s Housing Committee is conducting research into the role the property guardian sector plays in the capital’s housing market.

We hope that the committee’s report will reflect the potential property guardianship has to provide good, safe, inexpensive housing to people who are able to be resilient and flexible, increasing the supply of homes overall and therefore helping to mitigate the housing crisis. We also hope that it will highlight the importance of focusing on providing a high-quality service to property owners, property guardians and local communities alike, and the importance of consistent compliance with health and safety regulations.

We have submitted our response to the enquiry and also published our submission on our website, because we are proud of the way we work and we believe that the whole property guardian sector will benefit from increased transparency about approaches and practices.

We welcome you to read our submission, and we would encourage you to contribute too, especially if you have first-hand experience of being a guardian or working with property guardian companies, or if you have views on the role the sector should play.

Full details of how to submit a response are on the London Assembly website.

Many thanks,
Katharine and the team at Dot Dot Dot