Providing property peace of mind

Vacant properties can quickly attract attention and become an easy target for anti-social behaviour and squatters. At Dot Dot Dot, we offer an innovative solution by housing socially-minded individuals in empty properties who will proactively report any criminal activity or maintenance issues.

Dot Dot Dot guardians go above and beyond to contribute to the local community by being vigilant, responsive and reliable. Through our rigorous application process, we ensure that all our guardians are conscientious and community-minded – we know this because they’re up for committing to 16 hours of volunteering every month for a charitable cause of their choice.

Not only do our guardians volunteer and get involved in their community, they also ensure it is a great place to live by reporting any unusual or anti-social behaviour to us. In one recent case there was an attempted break in at an empty community centre attached to a block managed by Dot Dot Dot. The guardians housed there spotted the break in and acted quickly by reporting the incident to the police. They also helped identify the perpetrators, resulting in the incident being dealt with extremely swiftly. For the property owner, this significantly reduced the impact of the break in and the work needed to rectify it.

In another example, our guardians noticed something suspicious in an unoccupied building next door, owned by the same client, and reported it to us. We quickly notified the property owner and after investigating the issue, it was found that squatters had gained access. Had our guardians not been living there, this would have gone unnoticed and become much harder and more expensive to deal with.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can protect your property, request a callback here.