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Equality through business #SocialSaturday2018

October 13th is Social Saturday – the nationwide day to celebrate and buy from social enterprises, businesses which trade to bring about positive social change.

There are more than 80,000 social enterprises located across the UK, including Dot Dot Dot, which were set up to address some of the biggest social and environmental challenges we are facing. From creating job opportunities for the disabled or long term unemployed, to homelessness, they are changing the way we do business.

Dot Dot Dot Property is a social enterprise which offers affordable accomodation to volunteers through property guardianship, done in a way which serves the interests of property owners, property guardians and local communities. We’re proud to be a social enterprise and part of the movement that’s using the power of business for good.

We’ve housed over a thousand volunteers across the country, from London to the south and north of England. Our buildings include flats, office blocks, pubs, shared houses and community buildings, which we transform into great places to live for much less than private rental market rates. We have a clear focus on creating social value by supporting all our guardians to volunteer for 16 hours a month for a charitable cause of their choice.

The best way to support social enterprises is to buy from them and we’re encouraging our staff and guardians to use their purchasing power to help change lives. You can find a host of social enterprise products in the Social Saturday Marketplace – from footballs and soap to chocolate and clothing, all with incredible social impact – and you can find social enterprises and events near you on the Social Saturday Map.

Find out more about Social Saturday by visiting www.socialsaturday.org.uk