Category: Who can be a property guardian with Dot Dot Dot?

27 February 2018 |

Can I pay using benefits?

We do not have a blanket response to applications from people on benefits. What is important for us is that our property guardians have a reliable source of funds in order to cover the licence fee and living costs. However, we are transparent that our approach is not appropriate for everyone. We published a blog… Read More

11 November 2015 |

Can I live with a partner or friends?

Yes but they will need to go through our application process too and be able to pay their own deposit and fees. There is a discount for couples, but fees are not halved.

11 November 2015 |

Can I have visitors?

It’s fine to have a couple of friends over now and then or to have a partner staying over occasionally. Parties are absolutely not OK and this means having no more than three guests at a time.

11 November 2015 |

Are there any other rules?

Yes. Before we hand you the keys, you must agree to follow all of our rules and regulations. We will explain these to you at viewings as some are specific to the properties.

11 November 2015 |

What are the criteria property guardians have to meet?

We have some essential criteria: You must be aged 18 or older. You must not be looking to live with any children under 18. You must not be looking to live with any pets. You must not be looking to pay using Local Housing Allowance or any other benefits. You must not be looking to… Read More