27 March 2020 | | Back to Blog

Are there any rules for living in a Dot Dot Dot property?

At your sign-up-meeting, we will run through our rules and regulations. If you are new to property guardianship, you may be surprised by some of them, as they are often more comprehensive than those of a tenancy. However, having a clear set of rules is the best way to protect the health and safety of our guardians and to ensure that the properties are secure and well looked after. Standard rules include:

  • No smoking or vaping inside your property, on landings or in corridors
  • No candles or naked flames, including incense
  • Do not play loud music or use tools at unsocial hours
  • No children under 18 are allowed to stay overnight at the property
  • Permission is required for a guest to stay for more than 3 consecutive nights in any week
  • Parties are absolutely not OK and this means having no more than three guests at a time.
  • Guests can not be left unattended in Dot Dot Dot Properties
  • No pets in the property
  • Written permission required if you are planning a trip away for longer than 14 days

As part of your Property Guardianship Licence, we do regular unannounced visits to all properties to ensure the property is safe and secure as per our contractual obligations to the property owner and you the licensee. Don’t worry, we will always knock loudly before entering and leave a note to say that we have been.