27 February 2018 | | Back to Blog

Can I pay using benefits?

We do not have a blanket response to applications from people on benefits. What is important for us is that our property guardians have a reliable source of funds in order to cover the licence fee and living costs.

However, we are transparent that our approach is not appropriate for everyone. We published a blog post on our website in 2017 entitled “Under the hood: who can be a property guardian with Dot Dot Dot?”, which goes into more detail on this point.

We are often unable to provide housing to people who exclusively rely on benefits in order to pay their licence fee, because there is the potential for timeframes of people’s housing with us to be much quicker and shorter than the benefit system can facilitate. In a time of housing shortage, we understand that this is not a perfect position. We are working with specialist providers in order to improve the journey for people in housing need to become Dot Dot Dot guardians and we will share more information when these partnerships are ready.