19 April 2017 | | Back to Blog

What is different about being a property guardian?

Property guardianship is different from renting in the private sector as the main role of a guardian is to protect the property they are in from squatters and anti social behaviour and to keep an eye out for maintenance issues. This can be done by living in them as your home, so this doesn’t mean that you need to be there 24/7, but we are seeking reliable and flexible people who will look after the property.

The two legal differences between property guardians and tenants are:
1. the notice period to leave the building is just 28 days and there are fewer rights to contest this in court
2. they agree to a non-exclusive possession of the property (which means that the property guardian company or the property owner can enter the property without giving notice).

Crucially, outside these two differences, property guardians are entitled to the same protection as tenants with regard to health and safety, fire and HMO legislation as well as from the Protection from Eviction Act.