14 March 2018 | | Back to Blog

If I’m up for sharing a property but don’t know anyone I can share with, can I still apply?

Yes, definitely. People who are up for living in a shared flat or house or sharing facilities in a large building will be invited to view a wider range of properties across the country and these are by far our most affordable options.

Don’t be nervous about meeting people; we’ll get you chatting to potential housemates at viewings and encourage you to follow up with those who you thought you’d be up for living with.

All of our Dot Dot Dot guardians go through the same application and checks process and generally have common ground because they’ve opted in to our approach and way of living. As Kit in Croydon put it, “Once I knew that everyone was up for 16 hours of volunteering a month, I felt pretty confident they’d be great, considerate housemates, and they are.”