19 April 2017 | | Back to Blog

Why do you require your guardians to volunteer?

Volunteering can seem like a surprising add-on to the list of requirements for Dot Dot Dot property guardians, however it is at the heart of our approach:

  1. As a social enterprise, part of our mission is to create social value through the way we work. Supporting the volunteering efforts of our guardians is the way we do that.
  2. People who consistently volunteer for charities and community groups are by definition conscientious, good people. This means they are particularly suited to being property guardians, as they will look out for the building and their neighbours.
  3. Volunteering is not just for saints. It has a significant positive difference on the lives of people who undertake it – learning new skills, building new connections and finding a new focus. With time and money freed up by the reduced living costs involved in being a Dot Dot Dot guardian, you are able to give time to causes you care about.