27 March 2020 | | Back to Blog

Why choose property guardianship?

Property guardianship is the only void security option which is simultaneously cost-effective, reliable and flexible. Many property owners therefore choose it to manage their voids while avoiding the cost associated with manned security guarding, and avoiding boarding up a property and signposting that it is empty and neglected.

The model works because property guardians bring life to a building. Through their occupation, they deter crime and anti-social behaviour, and act as an extra pair of eyes and ears to report any issues immediately. Working with Dot Dot Dot also reduces or eliminates the bills associated with a property – we usually cover council tax and utilities costs, and may be able to mitigate business rates.. Property owners receive vacant possession with 30 days’ notice.

In addition, best use is made of the property during void periods, increasing the supply of housing, and with Dot Dot Dot’s model homes are allocated to people who want to use their time and energy to volunteer, giving owners the opportunity to support good causes through the use of their buildings.