27 March 2020 | | Back to Blog

Why do I need to volunteer to be a Dot Dot Dot Guardian?

Supporting volunteering is at the heart of everything Dot Dot Dot exists to do, and has been since day one. The world is full of people who choose to give their time to good causes just because they care about making the world fairer, better, cleaner, healthier or simply more fun, and many people’s lives would be harder and sadder without them. We exist to encourage and support more people to get involved in volunteering, and to make life easier for those who are already doing it.

To date, Dot Dot Dot guardians have collectively given over 160,000 hours of volunteering to good causes. That is the equivalent of a century of full-time work volunteered for charities big and small, contributing in hundreds of ways.

Volunteering not only has a positive impact on communities but also on the lives of people who undertake it – learning new skills, building new connections and finding a new focus. With time and money freed up by the reduced living costs involved in being a Dot Dot Dot guardian, you are able to give time to causes you care about.

When you sign up as a Dot Dot Dot guardian, you are agreeing to volunteer for at least 16 hours a month for a cause of your choice. This could include volunteering in a charity shop, community gardens, or mentoring a young person – just to name a few.

At the beginning of every month, we’ll email you a form where you’ll be asked for a summary of your volunteering in the last month. This helps us ensure everyone is completing their volunteering and enables us to share great volunteering stories. If you want to find out more about being a Dot Dot Dot Guardian take a look here, or hear from some of our current guardians in this video.