Volunteering at Dot Dot Dot towers – Fool’s Gold clothing swap and sale

Dot Dot Dot Business Development Manager Abi has been busy doing some volunteering of her own. Along with her close school friend Abby (I know… confusing), they started Fool’s Gold and hosted their first event on the 3rd October.

Fool’s Gold is a quality clothing swap and sale event about finding value in otherwise forgotten places. The event was an evening of pop-up sales, food, drink and music in aid of WasteAid!

They sold high quality pre-loved clothes at affordable prices. As well as clothes, there was delicious upcycled food from nibs etc. and drinks from Juju’s Bar and Stage. We were excited to also see ex-Dot Dot Dot employee Bethan Buck there with her London based four-piece folk, country and bluegrass band, Mockingbird Band!

Abi and Abby are passionate about increasing awareness of the impact of ‘fast fashion’ on the environment. They started Fool’s Gold in the hope of encouraging people to be part of the solution by buying second hand, swapping their unused clothes, and giving back to the people and planet affected by waste.


The event was a huge success and Fool’s Gold raised an impressive £786 for WasteAid. WasteAid shares recycling skills with communities around the world. By transforming waste materials into useful products communities can turn a problem into an opportunity.


Find them on Facebook or Instagram to be notified about future events!