From guardians…to guardians: Top tips to make the most of your Dot Dot Dot guardianship

Our guardians share some of their top tips for other guardians new and old; this month they’re focused around getting the most for your money when furnishing your property, getting involved in the community, and settling into your new home.

Money Savvy

If there’s one thing our guardians are good at it’s finding a good bargain, and being creative and resourceful when fitting out their new home. Some of the top recommendations are:

  • “There are great groups online for free stuff and letgo is a very helpful app.”
  • Schpock for local bargains is amazing!”
  • “Charity shops are great for quality household items and will also collect for free if you want to donate when moving on.”
  • Freecycle, Freegle and Gumtree are great for furnishing – it takes quite a lot of time and commitment (with Freecycle especially you have to respond to ads really quickly), but it’s worth it.”
  • “If you can try to do some DIY it saves money and it’s fun. Also be creative about recycling or refurbishing items. Try to buy items that you can take with you to another place. We painted the floor and bought nice rugs instead of putting new carpet or laminate flooring down.”

Dot Dot Dot Guardian Community

One of the great things about living with Dot Dot Dot is that you get to join our growing community of guardians. This is what our guardians say about getting out there and meeting the other guardians or neighbours:

  • “Communicate with the other guardians if you have any concerns or need help with anything, because they will often be able to give you advice on finding solutions.”
  • “Meet your neighbours ASAP!”
  • “Say hi to your neighbours and be sure to present a friendly face when you’re out and about.”

Settling into your New Home

Whether it’s your first time, or you’re a seasoned house-mover, any kind of move can be daunting but our guardians share some wise words to keep your stress levels low:

  • “Don’t get overwhelmed – Rome wasn’t built in a day.”
  • “Get out and about to discover the area to make you feel more at home.”
  • “Don’t rush everything at once, things will all come together over a few weeks of getting settled in.”
  • “Get stuck in straight away to making the place a home.”

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