11 March 2014 | News and features | Back to Blog

Guardian Spotlight: Danusia and Eddie

The Dot Dot Dot spotlight is on Danusia and Eddie this month, for their tireless efforts organising the litter picking group around the Ocean Estate.

140311 Danusia and Eddie LitterDanusia and Eddie say: “When we first heard of litter picking, we thought of it as the most dreadful volunteering opportunity ever! Who would want to walk with a heavy black bag, ever so glamorous fluorescent hi vis jacket, and pick up stuff that other people regards as rubbish, right?

How wrong we were!



We quickly recognised that litter picking gives us great a opportunity to meet guardians and tenants and have a good old chat with them. Besides, it means that you can clean the area that you live in and enjoy clean pavements on your way to work the day after!

Most importantly, we have been changing local residents perception (at least we hope) about volunteering, litter picking and property guardians. We currently have two local residents joining us for a litter picking sessions on a regular basis. But we have got to know many other local residents and business owners, and also gained respect from the very serious and intimidating, (mainly in Danusia’s opinion!), groups of teenagers that inhabit areas around our block. At the beginning, they either thought we were young offenders doing community service or employees of the council. Although they are still not able to comprehend the fact that we litter pick for free, they kindly chuck their cans of coke into our bags rather than straight under our feet. Agree or not, but we call it a success!

It must be mentioned, that this group would not exist without our fellow Ocean guardian Polly, who set it up and ran it at the very beginning – much appreciated Polly!

If you want to meet new guardians, local residents, clean your local area and have a chat about something or nothing, please join us every Wednesday at 6.30pm or Friday at 7pm on the Ocean Estate. Looking forward meeting as many of you as possible.”