Guardian Spotlight: Grace

This month our Guardian Spotlight falls on Grace who, since becoming a guardian a year ago, has been running regular exercise classes for the local community, receiving brilliant feedback from her attendees, as well as lending her skills to lots of local events.
Grace says: “I work in the fitness industry and have always been very passionate about inclusive fitness. Thanks to Dot Dot Dot I have been able to offer Zumba and 80s aerobics fitness classes in the local community. I was teaching Zumba in the area before becoming a guardian but it was tough to keep the classes going as we were always having to worry about the next set of funding to keep the class running.
Alongside the classes I have also had the opportunity to help out at some really fantastic events. Swishing, an event to swap clothes you no longer wear, was a recent successful project and I really enjoyed helping out with Swing East, the swing dance festival held by Poplar Harca at Chrisp Street Market.
Since becoming a guardian about a year ago we have been able to add 80s dance aerobics and trial a second Zumba class at Brownfield Cabin. Thanks to Dot Dot Dot I have been able to teach classes for free. I would never be able to do this if I was paying the price of normal London rent”.