Guardian Spotlight: Hannah and Mats

Brook House_litted picking and bulb planting

Since joining the Dot Dot Dot team as Guardians in June 2014, Mats and Hannah have together volunteered over 255 hours of their time. As well as volunteering on community projects, they also use their digital and media skills to volunteer for causes they feel passionate about.

We asked them to tell us about some of the volunteer projects they’ve been involved with over the last year…

Acton Homeless Concern

Mats: When we first started volunteering at Acton Homeless Concern Centre in 2014, I was acton homeless centrestartled over how many people who came to the centre to get food. I didn’t expect to see so many young people, and so many elderly people. Acton Homeless concern gives out clothing, food and offers vital health services.

Hannah: Having previously volunteered for a homeless charity in Bournemouth I already knew homelessness was a growing problem in the UK-  It’s extremely rewarding to know you are helping provide a vital service to some of the most vulnerable members of our society.

Women’s Pioneer Housing

Mats: We’ve also recently started volunteering with a housing scheme for elderly women through Women’s Pioneer Housing. We organise activities and events that are shaped around the tenants’ interests and needs, including gardening, film club and IT sessions.

Hannah: The fortnightly film club we organise with another guardian, Diana, has been a great success! Mats and I have a film projector so we use this to create a cinema feel. The residents get to suggest films they like to see, and we sometimes have a discussion after… and popcorn!

Mats: We organise regular IT drop in sessions too, where we provide guidance and help to set up printers and routers, or to tackle problems with their computer

What seems like a small problem for us can be a major issue for people who might not used to different technologies and devices. Some are surprisingly active on Facebook and other social media, though!

The Canvas Café

Mats: I’ve also just finished filming the journey of East London social enterprise, the Canvas café. I volunteered my spare time to capture the journey on film, from the day the founder Ruth got the keys, until the day it finally opened…

I met loads of volunteers helping to make this vision a reality – The café’s sister charity, Body Gossip, works with a range of charities such as the Girl GuidesCoppaFeel!Tender Domestic Violence, and Mind.

Look for Rainbows
Hannah:I have also been working on a separate project, a blog I created called Look For lOOK FOR RAINSBOWSRainbows. I write articles relating to domestic abuse and talk about my own experience of abuse  – in hope to support and empower others.

Mats:  We’re glad we can use our skills and knowledge to do some good,  even if it’s just showing an elderly person how to use Skype so they can call their relatives. The smallest things can mean a whole new world for someone.

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