21 October 2013 | News and features | Back to Blog

Guardian Spotlight: Zoe

Zoe Zoe Fischelhas been busy helping out at Coinstreet Community Builders whilst continuing her regular work with a local Girls Youth Club.She has also joined Magic Me’s Cocktails in Care Homes project as well as helping out at Food Cycle’s Pie in the Sky cafe.

Zoe said: “I have been volunteering at Coinstreet Community Builders in Waterloo as a youth worker for around three years, and love it. Sometimes it can be pretty challenging, but it is rewarding to have got to know the young people over such a long time and to see them growing up. The lovely staff and volunteers also mean I look forward to it each week. London is such a massive, busy city but volunteering at the same place every week has helped me to feel grounded. 

Volunteering at Magic Me and Food Cycle has given me the chance to meet people from all different backgrounds, ages and life experiences, including someone born in 1915. I think the benefits of volunteering go both ways – I might have helped people through my volunteering, but they have also taught me a huge amount”.