Dot Dot Dot guardians contribute £2 million worth of effort to voluntary sector


We’re marking a significant milestone – Dot Dot Dot guardians have contributed volunteering worth at least £2m to charity, giving the equivalent of more than 140 working years of effort to good causes.

That means the people we house across the country have collectively given over 229,060 hours to good causes since we launched in 2011 which – if valued at the living wage – would be worth £2,061,540.

Currently around 250 charities are in receipt of voluntary assistance from Dot Dot Dot guardians every month, while more than 3,000 charities have been helped since we began in 2011, and more than 1,200 people have been housed by Dot Dot Dot and contributed to their local communities through their volunteering. The volunteers are contributing to organisations in all kinds of sectors, including community centres and organisations, crime and justice, crisis and poverty, culture and sport, education and art, environmental and gardening, fundraising and health and social care.

“We are so proud to have reached this incredible milestone, which demonstrates the commitment and contribution that Dot Dot Dot guardians make to the UK voluntary sector. It is very satisfying to provide the best housing we can to people who are prepared to make a real effort to help others. I hope that by giving people pleasant, well-managed homes at a cost well below conventional rent, we make their lives easier and more enjoyable, as well as enabling them to give more time to causes they care about.”
Katharine Hibbert, founder of Dot Dot Dot.

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