10 January 2019 | Making a space a home | Back to Blog

The guardian’s guide to property guardianship: top tips from Dot Dot Dot guardians

New year, new you? If you’re looking to become a property guardian with Dot Dot Dot this year, or want to make the most of your new guardianship, check out these recommendations from our guardians. This month their helpful hacks focus on money saving tips, settling into your space and meeting the neighbours.

Money saving tips

  • Gumtree has been really useful for picking up free or cheap items for my home, good when you are doing it from scratch!
  • Use Freecycle for furniture, electricals or anything else you need for your place. Everything I got was free!

Meet the neighbours

  • Get to know your neighbours
  • Introduce yourself to the other guardians and suggest having a house social outing
  • It’s really useful to interact with other guardians who have gone through the same process

Settling in to your space

  • Take settling in as the first step in a new direction, it’s your opportunity to excel!
  • Give yourself time to set up your space
  • Come prepared to paint and re-decorate your room before moving in
  • Get creative and make the home your own

Check out our available properties or take our quiz to find out if property guardianship with Dot Dot Dot is right for you.