Guardianship for graduates

Graduating from university represents the end of an era and leaves many feeling uncertain about their next steps.

Everyone’s graduate journey will be different. But whether you’re embarking on a new career, setting up your own business or looking to gain more experience before jumping into a certain sector, inexpensive housing is key to enabling you to pursue the right choice.

Discover more about what it means to be a property guardian, the many benefits for university graduates and how you can apply to live with Dot Dot Dot to kickstart your next move.

What does it mean to be a property guardian? 

Property guardianship brings buildings that would otherwise stand empty back into use as inexpensive housing.

Properties are empty for a variety of reasons. For example, the owner may want to redevelop a building, or even knock it down. This process can be lengthy, so in the meantime, properties often stand empty, unused and at risk of vandalism.

Placing people (property guardians) into these buildings means they are kept safe and secure for the owners. In return, guardians get inexpensive housing and existing residents benefit from caring neighbours who give their time and energy to supporting the local community.

What’s different about Dot Dot Dot? 

We believe in a society where people have the time and energy to give back to communities and causes they care about and we exist to provide housing that makes it easier for people to do so. Not having to worry about paying expensive rent means that our guardians can use their energy and spare time on  causes and projects that matter to them.

All of our property guardians volunteer for 16 hours a month for a charitable organisation of their choice, and many do a lot more than this. This can be something you do already or something you’ve wanted to do but haven’t had the opportunity.

Discover more about volunteering as a Dot Dot Dot property guardian.

The benefits of property guardianship for graduates

Reduce financial constraints

As a Dot Dot Dot property guardian, your licence fee will be on average one-third cheaper than the private rental market. This means you won’t have to worry about working longer hours or taking a second job to pay the monthly fee and bills.

Discover some of the ways in which our guardians have benefitted from reduced living costs, including putting money towards a personal goal, gaining their independence through living alone.

Enjoy a shorter commute to work

Our inexpensive properties are largely located in London and the South East of England, offering a huge variety of opportunities to live in an exciting new location.

Experience the vibrancy of living in London’s Zone 2 from £475pcm. This prime location means you can keep commuting costs down and be close to the attractions of central London.

From our Abbey Wood properties in south-east London –  served by the Elizabeth line – Canary Wharf and central London can be reached in just 15-20 minutes.

Gain new skills and build local connections 

Volunteering has a significant positive difference on the lives of people who undertake it. It can help you gain new employability skills and build connections in your community. When surveyed, 67% of our guardians reported higher levels of life satisfaction and 48% said they had established new roots and contacts in their community due to dedicating their spare time to supporting good causes.

As our east London guardian, Tom, put it: “I’ve made terrific memories and met lots of new people through my volunteering. Being a guardian has given me the freedom to pursue my goals, develop skills I didn’t know I had and live in an area of London I love.”

Flexible contracts in case plans need to change

Property guardianship is incredibly flexible. While we will always give you at least 28 days’ notice when we ask you to leave a property, you can also give Dot Dot Dot 28 days’ notice to end an agreement to live in a property, at any time.

Whether you’re working out “what next?” or want to experiment with living in a new area closer to work, you have the freedom to move forward with employment plans if they need to change without being tied to a long-term commitment.

Larger living space for a home office

You’ll spend less on living costs every month while benefiting from a considerably larger home than is possible in the private rental market. Many of our properties offer an extra room to use as a home office; ideal for if your new job requires hybrid working.

Our imaginative and creative guardian community have transformed their extra spaces into artist studios, home offices, a workshop and even a roof garden.

What else do I need to know? 

Find out more about where you can live with Dot Dot Dot and the costs involved in being a property guardian. Plus, hear more from our guardians and discover their stories.

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Ready to apply?

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