‘Halve Your Rent’ with #Cosmohomemade! This Week – Guardian Stories

Our partnership with the wonderful Cosmopolitan magazine continues. We’ve teamed up with them to offer affordable housing to 20 of their readers. This week, they’ve featured three of our guardians’ personal stories in the print edition. Read on to find out more and feel inspired to ‘Halve Your Rent’ with #Cosmohomemade!

Diana, Jessica and Dionne’s Guardian Stories

160902 Cosmo Halve Your Rent 2Diana, Jessica and Dionne have been guardians with us in East London over the last 4 years. In that time they’ve saved money on rent, made new friends and given back to the community. Their experiences can teach us a few things about guardianship.

For one, Diana, Jessica and Dionne’s experiences highlight the varied and worthwhile volunteering that our guardians get up to. This could be through charity photography projects, litter picking, helping out with the local football team or working with vulnerable pregnant women.

But they also showcase the diverse ways our guardians come to be guardians. Be it for creative purposes, saving money or a career change, guardianship can benefit anyone. Our partnership with Cosmopolitan seeks to prove this!

‘Halve Your Rent’ Today!160902 Cosmo Cover Gwen 2

Do you feel inspired by these personal stories? Do you want to ‘halve your rent’? Or are you just curious about guardianship generally? Please get in touch. We can help you become a guardian! Apply now, or contact Cosmopolitan via housing@cosmopolitan.co.uk.

Help Us House More Great Guardians

If you want to help out people like Diana, Jessica and Dionne by putting us in contact with empty building owners, let us know. We want to keep offering affordable housing to great guardians like them. You can help.

Let’s make this partnership with Cosmopolitan the start of something great! Follow in Diana, Jessica and Dionne’s footsteps and ‘Halve Your Rent’ with #Cosmohomemade.

To read more about the start of our partnership with Cosmopolitan, click here.