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Hat Over Heels

By Sahar


On 5th April I held a day of hat making for women experiencing hair loss. I am a milliner and I have often had women who have suffered from cancer suggest that I make hats for women who have been losing their hair due to chemotherapy. So, I put on a day for women to come and make their own hat with the help of myself and other milliners. With women joining from both Alopecia UK and Macmillan, the day was fun and positive as well as engaging; it was an open forum for women to share experiences and creativity.


SAH_6786Launched by Katherine Ferdinand and myself, the project encouraged women to make and decorate their own bespoke hat or headpiece. Whilst it soon became apparent that there were many considerations to be had when designing these tailored pieces, the day also proved to be an inspirational experience for all.



SAH_6705I was moved to see some of the women remove their scarves or wigs for the first time and within minutes feel comfortable in their own beauty. Katherine commented: “The millinery provided a foundation for us to connect, and as the day progressed, I became more inspired by each of the women’s stories. The hidden benefits were the conversations had and connections made. By sharing stories it allowed us all to put our own experiences into perspective, mutually creating an atmosphere of sisterhood”.


SAH_6616 (1)

The journey was documented by MediaMakesUs for The Urban Times and can be seen here.
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