Is London Dying?

A Panel Discussion With Dot Dot Dot’s Founder, Katharine Hibbert

kath1On Monday Dot Dot Dot founder Katharine Hibbert featured on a panel discussion about the provocative question ‘is London dying?’ at Conway Hall, Holborn. Alongside Ian Sinclair, Tom Hodgkinson and Angus Hanton, Katharine spoke about some of the issues facing London in the immediate future. Housing featured prominently on this list.

Whilst all the panelists were concerned by London’s housing issues, the degree to which they thought this meant London was ‘dying’ varied.

Is London DyingThe discussion covered many of the housing problems facing London. Rapidly rising rents, government inaction on housing and a lack of affordable housing stock were all thought to be strangling the capital, especially for the younger generation.

However, Katharine sees cause for hope and doesn’t think London is dying ‘just yet’. Whilst to many the situation only seems to be getting worse, there are actions that could be taken to create a better housing situation for future Londoners. Moreover, the continued vitality and diversity of London will remain a source of hope, even if housing woes continue.

Even if we are operating on a small-scale, at Dot Dot Dot we’re happy to provide an affordable living option in the thick of a housing crisis. We’re also proud to operate in a buzzing, diverse metropolis. We can’t see London dying just yet!