Look after our planet with ecoACTIVE

ecoactiveIt’s estimated that around 600 million tonnes of products and materials enter the UK economy each year and only 115 million tonnes of this gets recycled. Not a pretty figure.

Guardian Renee has recently started volunteering with an east London based environmental charity that seeks to raise that number through its educational programmes. ecoACTIVE aims to work with schools and the wider community to increase people’s awareness of sustainable development and to encourage them to think more creatively about their planet and their impact on it.

Interactive sessions are delivered in local schools in Hackney, teaching children how to create artworks from used material or a compost heap for their garden.

As a charity, they rely on a wide range of volunteers to deliver their programmes. If you’re interested in a career in environmental education, or simply care about your planet, you can help them run a workshop and help educate families in your local community. Find our more information about how you can help on their website.